A-Body XT CIT Route Truck

A-100 XT Model

The A100 Series armored cash-in-transit route truck is available in two different body styles; the standard model and the XT model for increased interior height. With a GVWR of 19,500 lbs and payloads ranging from 5,800 lbs to 6,300 lbs, there is no CDL license required and it is capable of handling the majority of cash-in-transit routes.


Overall Length: 225″

Overall Height: 101″

Rear Compartment Length: 107″

Interior Height: 66″

Body Width: 80″

Overall Width: 94″

Interior Width: 77″

Payload: 5800 lbs


Certified bullet resistant materials

HVAC includes rear compartment Red Dot 8545 with aux condenser fan for improved performance

Suspension seats with adjustable three-point retractable seat belts

All doors equipped with door ajar notification system and dead bolt locks

Programmable multiplex electronic system

Illuminated 11-button control panel, front and rear compartments

Wireless door connectors

Messenger step well light